$1 for $1,000,000 Tournament

An announcement about our schedule change

A $1 million guaranteed prize pool is something usually reserved for the rarefied high stakes arena, but at WPT Global, we want all our players to enjoy the excitement and challenge of a big online poker tournament that keeps the buy-in affordable – just $1.

The $1 for $1 Million tournament gives everyone, regardless of bankroll, a chance to play one of our flagship online poker events for pennies – a hundred of them, to be exact. No reg fee, no limit on number of entries, just a giant guarantee for a tiny buy-in.


DateDay of weekEvent #EventBuyinGTDUTC
September 20Tuesday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,00011:00 PM
September 21Wednesday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0001:00 PM
September 21Wednesday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,00011:00 PM
September 22Thursday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0008:00 PM
September 23Friday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0001:00 AM
September 23Friday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0001:00 PM
September 23Friday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0005:00 PM
September 23Friday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,00011:00 PM
September 24Saturday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0001:00 PM
September 24Saturday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0006:00 PM
September 24Saturday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,00011:00 PM
September 25Sunday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0001:00 PM
September 25Sunday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,00011:00 PM
September 26Monday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,00011:00 PM
September 27Tuesday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0001:00 PM
September 27Tuesday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,00011:00 PM
September 28Wednesday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,0001:00 PM
September 28Wednesday1$1-1m Flight$1$1,000,00011:00 PM
October 1Saturday1$1-1m Day 2 $1,000,0003:00 PM
October 2Sunday1$1-1m Final Table $1,000,0003:00 PM


Look for $1 for $1 Million in the tournament lobby and get ready to take part in the ultimate spin-up!

Download and Play for a Share of $1,000,000