12 Days of Xmas Winners

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Congratulations to all the winners who won big money in our two 12 Days of Xmas Challenge raffles.

Anyone who completed 20 of the 24 challenges went into the hat to win a $500 cash bonus, while those who managed to complete the clean sweep and tick off all 24 had the chance to win a juicy $2,000 in cash, on top of all the other rewards.

Well done to each of the following, who completed 20 missions and won $500 each in the 12 Days of Xmas Challenge raffle:

  • Newlifer
  • afc2004
  • gnosh27
  • rednatic1m
  • Jabaloot67
  • capitales
  • KingCong


What could be nicer than winning $500 cash just before Christmas? Winning $2,500 cash, $2,000 from the 24 missions raffle to add to the $500 they won earlier. The following players all did just that:

  • Baccardi
  • BrentMused
  • director
  • antojke
  • jackypot
  • Snelly
  • ietiripo


The 12 Days of Xmas Challenge set 24 missions, divided into 10 easy challenges, such as ‘Play a Bounty Tournament’, ‘Try the Reveal Cards Feature’ and ‘Play 50 NLH Cash Game Hands’, 10 medium challenges, like ‘Make the Money in an MTT’, ‘Win With Aces in a NLH Cash Game’ and ‘Play 300 Short Deck Cash Game Hands’, and 4 Hard Challenges, such as ‘Win With Quads or Better in a NLH Cash Game’.

Prizes were awarded along the way, with a $2.20 MTT ticket given to anyone who completed 5 missions, an additional $5 cash for making it to 10, an $11 MTT ticket and another $15 cash on top for ticking off 15, and another $50 cash for making it to 20, with another $200 on top for completing all 24.

Those who made it to 20 and 24 also won entry into $30,000 worth of raffles on top, with the lucky winners listed above.

Your mission, which you choose to accept, was to complete as many of the challenges as possible. Your new mission is to enjoy the $2,000 and $500 raffle winnings! Merry Christmas from all at WPT Global.