Suited Connectors: Five Strategic Tips for Poker Players

Consider Position After the Flop

Like any other starting poker hand, the later position you have, the better to squeeze value out of your opponents. Why? Because you can see how they act before you bet or raise their action. With suited connectors, that is particularly valuable because you can get free cards while drawing to your straight or flush. And, depending on the texture of the board, you can put in a good value bet on the river if your hand gets there.

Mistakes to Avoid While Playing Suited Connectors

Enter pots with caution when holding suited connectors preflop. This is especially true when three-betting against shorter-stacked opponents. Best to just call against their initial raise because they will be committed to the pot either way at that point. If you don’t catch anything on your draw on the flop and they keep betting, then it’s an easy decision to fold your cards.

How to Semi-Bluff With Your Suited Connectors Postflop

Suited connectors offer a good spot to start learning how to semi-bluff. You can try to bluff your opponents when the situation feels right with the added advantage of making your draw anyways. And if you do make your flush or straight then feel free to fire away with value bets when you get there. 

A semi-bluff can work out in your favor even when you don’t make your hand. If your betting pattern suggests you have the goods, a lot of players will fold to your aggression. Those bets you picked up holding nothing will make a big difference in your bankroll over time, whether you’re picking up those extra chips in cash games or tournaments.

Once Again, Suited Connectors Are Best Played in Position

As stated before, it is best to play suited connectors from late positions at the poker table. This is especially true in this case because you will be trying to draw and need to know how much it’s going to cost you to see additional cards that might make your hand. 

Playing suited connectors from late position also gives you a better opportunity to semi-bluff as mentioned previously since you will be able to see your opponent’s weakness if they don’t decide to bet before the action is on you.


Tips for Poker Players

The webpage offers five strategic tips aimed at enhancing the gameplay of poker players. These tips are designed to improve decision-making and overall performance at the poker table.

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