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Reveal Hands

Every poker player has made a call knowing they’re behind, just to see what their opponent has. You hear people say in live cash games, “I know I’m losing but I call.” Whether that’s because players want to know more about their opponent’s hand and style of play, or it’s just paying the price of inquisitiveness, it can be a costly way of playing.

Our Reveal Hands feature cuts that cost drastically, allowing you to pay a fraction of the price to see the cards and giving you additional information. You can pay to see all opponents’ hole cards on the completion of any hand - whether it ended preflop, on the flop, turn or river - and whether you were still in the hand. Don't worry if you missed the hand, you can go to the Hand Replayer and use the Reveal Hands feature to see anything you missed.

How to use Reveal Hands:

The Reveal Hands button is available when each hand ends.


Click the Reveal Hands button and the cards for everyone in the hand are ready to be shown.


Now, take a look at what everyone had, and see how much information you gain for a very small price.


Want to know what hands an opponent is three or four-betting with? Want to see how tight they raise under the gun, or how wide they bump it up on the button? Want to know if they actually hit the flush when it came on the turn, or whether they’re just seizing the opportunity to use a good bluffing card? 

Now, for a small fee, you can find out!