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You insure your house, car and other valuables, and now you can insure your poker winnings at WPT Global. Whether you feel like you’re running bad and keep getting outdrawn, or you’re just being sensible and cutting down the variance in your cash game play, Insurance could be for you. 

Once you get your money in ahead and there’s a showdown - for a 5% charge - you are offered a range of options to insure your share of the pot, or your equity in the pot after an all in or call.

Here's an example to help you understand Insurance. You have AK and you are up against AQ, there is $100 in the pot and your share of the pot is $68 after you are all-in. Take Insurance for the whole pot, and you cash out $64.60 regardless of the outcome.

How to use Insurance:

You're ahead on the flop, but your opponent can improve and beat you. What can you do here with Insurance?


Here's all your available options for buying Insurance to protect your investment.


Your investment paid off! Your opponent hits a King and you are also paid, thanks to buying Insurance. 


You can decide on Insurance on a hand-by-hand basis - you can implement your own rules - perhaps using Insurance when pots are bigger than a size than you are comfortable with, letting smaller pots play out in the traditional way. Perhaps you decide to only use Insurance if you reach a certain percentage chance to win.

Maybe you decide you don’t need Insurance when you’re running hot, or decide it is time to start taking Insurance before the run-good runs out. Whatever your tactic, you decide on each hand when there’s an all-in and call at any stage before the river.

Watch big cash games on TV and you’ll see players ask for insurance when there’s an all-in and call. You can recreate that by using the Insurance feature at our online cash games.



Poker Insurance

What is poker insurance? Insure your online poker winnings while playing online poker at live tournaments, Texas Holdem, PLO or other online poker cash game. WPT Global's Insurance feature offers a unique twist to online poker, allowing players to protect their stakes in critical hands.

This innovative option, supported by state-of-the-art poker software, enhances the playing experience with top poker promotions and exclusive poker deals.

Players can enjoy additional security in their games, complemented by online poker bonuses and rakeback bonuses, making each hand less risky and more exciting.

Insure Your Online Poker Winnings

Common types of poker insurance:

  • Bad Beat Insurance: In a cash game or tournament, players may agree to offer "bad beat insurance" to each other.
  • All-In Insurance: This insurance protects the insured player against losing the entire pot if they are behind in the hand and end up losing to another player.
  • Chip Insurance: This insurance guarantees the insured player a portion of their buy-in or prize pool winnings if they are eliminated from the tournament before reaching a certain point.
  • Runout Insurance: In a cash game or tournament, players may agree to "runout insurance" to protect against unfavorable community card runouts.