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Rabbit Hunt

Rabbit Hunting cards is something you see often in live cash games, and now it is a feature of the WPT Global cash games. Rabbit Hunting allows you to see the next card, so you can find out what would have happened had the hand continued.

Similar to the Reveal Cards feature, players can - for a small price - find information they would not otherwise know … what the next card would be.

How to use Rabbit Hunt:

The Rabbit Hunt button becomes available when the hand ends.


Click the Rabbit Hunt button and the 'Rabbit' appears on the next card.


The card is revealed, and you see what WOULD have happened if the hand continued.


You can Rabbit Hunt to see the next card no matter when the hand ends. So, if you want to see if you would have hit your draw, whether you would have made a full house with a pair up when you’re sure your opponent has the flush, or even if you just want to see if an Ace comes that would have made your pocket Kings shrink up, then just hit the Rabbit Hunt button.


Rabbit Hunt Poker

WPT Global brings an exciting feature to the online poker world with "Rabbit Hunt," a unique addition to our cash games that lets players satisfy their curiosity about 'what could have been' in a hand. This feature, often seen in live games, allows players to reveal the next card after a hand ends, providing insights into potential game outcomes. The definition of a Rabbit Hunt is: After a hand is over, to take a look at the card(s) that would have come next from the deck.

Rabbit Hunt Poker is a variation of poker that is sometimes played in cash games or home games. In Rabbit Hunt Poker, players have the option to "hunt for rabbits" after a hand is completed but before the next card or cards are dealt.

Poker Cash Game

Whether you're pondering if your draw would have hit or if the next card could change the game's dynamics, Rabbit Hunt adds a thrilling twist to the online poker experience. Combined with WPT Global's array of online poker tournaments, promotions, and bonuses, it enhances our platform's appeal, making it a top choice for those looking to play poker online.

Rabbit Hunt Poker Rules

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