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Time Extension

One of the big plus points of online poker is how quick the game is. Live games can seem to drag, but the action is fast and furious on the online felt.

Every now and then though, you need to think things through. Sometimes an opponent takes a line that just doesn’t seem to add up, and you need to take a little time to think things over.

The time bank kicks in automatically at WPT Global. On occasion, some players like more time to consider things before they click the Call or Fold (or maybe even Raise) buttons. In those instances, we offer extra Time Extensions. 

How to use Time Extension:

Need more time to make an important decision? A Time Extension button pops up as you get near the end of the clock.


Click the Time Extension, and for a small price you have more time to determine your next decision.


Poker players don’t want to sit around waiting forever for slow players to act, but also don’t want to be hurried when there’s significant money on the line or a hand doesn’t add up. Buying some extra time makes sure things only slow down when it’s absolutely necessary and keeps the action going the rest of the time.



Online Poker Basics

Time Extension feature in Online Poker

WPT Global enhances the online poker experience with the Time Extension feature, catering to players who require additional decision-making time in critical game moments. In poker, a "time extension" refers to an additional amount of time granted to a player to make a decision during a hand. This feature is primarily utilized in online poker, particularly in tournaments where players are allocated a certain amount of time for each decision.

This innovation ensures the game maintains its swift pace while allowing strategic contemplation when necessary, balancing the dynamics of quick online play with the depth of live poker.

How to Play Online Poker, Time Extension

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