Five Free Ways to Boost Your Online Poker Win-Rate - Part 1

To some, poker may seem like an easy enough game at first. Once you calibrate your brain to think 'poker' then playing well and learning new strategies will go seamlessly.

But to reach that level of poker aptitude, mistakes have to be made; lessons have to be learned. Yet there's nothing you can't achieve with a firm foundation of knowledge. To gain a better insight into the vagaries of the game, one must start at the very beginning.Download WPT Global today to your device and discover all types of players.

After careful consideration, our experts have developed five tips to help neophytes better navigate poker's labyrinths and form a basic understanding of the game. Our tips are general in nature, but following simple strategies can go a long way towards making you a better player.

Without further ado, here are five ways to help you become a more finessed player and, in effect, improve your win-rate.

Focus on a Single Type of Poker

Online (and land-based) casinos provide tables for various types of poker in addition to classic Texas Hold'em. Seven-card Stud, 5-Card Draw, Omaha, High / Low Chicago, Caribbean Poker - the list goes on.

Many variants have emerged over the decades, especially with the advent of online casinos and poker-specific gaming platforms over the last 20 years. Learning one poker variant well is challenging enough, so staying focused on a single type is our beginning advice.

All poker variants have certain commonalities, as well as elements that make that type quite unlike other versions. If you're new and try to learn poker by constantly playing different versions, you'll only gain a rudimentary understanding of each type.

But staying committed to one form of poker will help you excel at that variant at a much faster rate. As time goes by, learning new poker elements, terms, and tricks will come naturally, which will effectively make your transition from one poker version to another smoother.

Play Smart and Within Your Current Capacity

It's one of the most generic pieces of advice you can get but bear with us. Seasoned and professional poker players are good at what they do because they don't get overtaken by emotion. Or at least, they don't show it. Poker is a game that can stir quite a bit of emotion. Particularly if you were sure you would win a hand only to have one of your opponents best you.

More experienced players will detect even the slightest cues of agitation, nervousness, and even excitement at a good pair of cards. They will do everything in their power to use it against you or to improve their game.

With that in mind, you should learn ways to keep a cool head at all times in a game. Of course, it takes a master player to simulate emotion or devise a faux tell to confuse their opponents. Think of Mads Mikkelsen's character in Casino Royale.

Playing online, you have the big advantage of being able to rage and rave freely, and no one will know it. However, that will surely affect how you play your next hands. Playing on impulse or betting simply out of desperation or anger to compensate for a previous loss is a big no-no in poker.

Lastly, be true to yourself. Don't underestimate, but also don't overestimate your abilities. Going into the game headstrong and reckless will not help you improve your win-rate.

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