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Hole Card Betting

Are you on a run of getting dealt big hands, pairs and ace highs that you can happily play? Or maybe every hand seems to be trash and destined straight for the muck? With our Hole Card Betting you can now have a wager on what you’ll be dealt in the next hand.

  1. AA (200/1) - Sometimes you just feel them coming, the rockets, American Airlines, the Boots, the Nizzles or as WPT legend Vince van Petten would say, “the Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Bet on being dealt Aces the very next hand and win 200x your stake. The bet is a winner even if your Aces are cracked!
  2. Any Pair (16/1) - You’d rather pick up AA, but any pair is generally playable in a cash game. Bet on Any Pair in the next hand - whether you get AA,  22, or any pair in between - and win 16x your bet. 
  3. Ace (6.5/1) - Ace-high is a raising hand for many in a cash game. Whether you are dealt A2 offsuit, or you get a beautiful pair of Aces, just having an Ace pays 6.5x your bet. You’re still a winner even if you have a raggy you choose to fold preflop!
  4. Ace or King (3.3/1) - Surely you’re due half a hand soon? If so, bet on being dealt an Ace or King and receiving one earns 3.3x your bet. You might decide your hand is still not playable, but the bet is still payable!
  5. No Ace/King/Pair (1.4/1) - Getting dealt trash every hand? Thinking of playing it just because it’s been so long since you played a hand? Keep your discipline and get it in the muck, but make some money while doing so by betting you won’t get dealt an Ace, King or any pair. Do so successfully and receive 1.4x your bet.

How to use Hole Card Betting:

After each hand, you can choose to guess what your next hole cards are going to be, and you can win BIG. Her you're given a chance at 200x your bet if you're dealt Aces the next hand.


Your bet is locked in, now let's see what your next cards are. 


 You did it, you just turned 20 in to 4,000 by correctly guessing Aces. 


Hole Card Betting

Online Poker Basics

WPT Global introduces an innovative twist to online poker with its Hole Card Betting feature, allowing players to bet on the cards they will be dealt next.

"Hole card betting" is a term used in certain variants of poker, particularly those where players are dealt private or "hole" cards that are concealed from their opponents. In hole card games, players use their private cards in combination with a set of community cards to make the best possible hand.

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