Arends Doubles on Bubble to Cash in WPT World Championship

We caught up with Arends on an earlier break to learn more about the professional poker player from the Netherlands, who won his seat in the WPT Championship through a $1,000 satellite on WPT Global. 

He has a solid run of poker accomplishments that have built his total career earnings up to $5.6 million. 

The World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner has four tournament victories in total, with his largest cash prize weighing in at $2,576,729 from his win in the $100,000 buy-in eight-handed high roller event at the 2023 WSOP.

WPT Global: How has your path been going through the tournament today on Day 2 at the WPT Championship?

Arends: Today is actually my best day by far. The first two flights I busted in the first 30 minutes, and the third flight I got to play six levels but still busted. Yesterday was a big struggle, I made it through with, like, 1.6 x starting stack. So not a lot, but today has been good. I can't complain, today has been good.

WPTG: Each day is a new day in the tournament right?

Arends: Exactly, that's how I play. 

WPTG: How much does it help to have a short memory when it comes to poker?

Arends: I would say it's mandatory probably, because if you get hung up on stuff you're not going to be playing well.

WPTG: Big event here in Vegas, the WPT has pulled out all the stops. What has your experience been like here at the Wynn?

Arends: This is just as good as it gets in my opinion. Perfectly run, it's a nice venue, good field, it couldn't be better. Better dealers, a better venue, it's just better, WSOP 2.0.

WPTG: What do you think about WPT Global giving not only players like yourself who are no stranger to success along with other players from many different backgrounds a shot to play in this championship event?

Arends: That's how it should be I think, you want a lot of variety in the field. So I think it's good.

WPTG: How have you been adjusting your play against such a massive field with a long play out in this tournament?

Arends: Historically I'm not the best at that, I never really do well at main events, but today I'm getting creative. What I think is right in the moment, I'm just doing that, and I don't think too much about my overall strategy or theory. If I think something is good to do, then I will just do it. That's my approach today, and so far it is paying off. I play every hand in isolation.


Additional WPT Global Qualifiers in the Money

Here's the full list of WPT Global qualifiers advancing to Sunday's Day 3 - and making the money - in the 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas.

  • Raphael Blouet - 2,450,000
  • Andres Campero - 2,145,000
  • Zhi Gang Yang - 1,365,000
  • Lars Lietke - 1,100,000
  • William Trottier - 955,000
  • Elliot Smith - 930,000
  • Jans Arends - 850,000
  • Jeremiah Williams - 835,000
  • Michael Holtz - 820,000
  • Matias Gabrenja - 800,000
  • Sebastian Gaehl - 725,000
  • Maher Al Mouselly - 600,000
  • Shachar Haran - 525,000
  • Josh Hopkins - 520,000
  • Rui Bouquet - 450,000
  • Tamas Bozsony - 380,000
  • Johannes Straver - 365,000
  • Michael McWhirter - 350,000
  • Soojo Kim - 175,000
  • Edward Harvey - 90,000
  • Georgi Sadev - 65,000
  • Sosia Jiang - 58,000