Let's Bump Up Those Tournament Guarantees

What’s better than seeing a guarantee on your favorite tournament? How about seeing the guarantee go UP next time you play!

Buy into one of these six WPT Global tournaments - see the event meet the guarantee - and you’re part of the guarantee going UP next time.

Welcome to Let’s Bump it Up

Choose from these daily tournaments - $55 Lucky Escalator PKO, $22 Daily Escalator Turbo and $110 Nightly Escalator PKO


Choose from of these Sunday tournaments - $110 Sunday Slam, $11 Mini Slam and $330 Grand Slam.

You make the guarantee go up at least 10 percent when the guarantee is met. That’s right, the guarantee goes UP when you help make sure your favorite tournament hits its promised goal.

The guarantees right now are:

  • $55 Lucky Escalator PKO ($26,600 GTD)
  • $22 Daily Escalator Turbo ($8,100 GTD)
  • $110 Nightly Escalator PKO ($27,500 GTD)
  • $110 Sunday Slam ($100,000 GTD)
  • $11 Mini Slam ($17,500 GTD)
  • $330 Grand Slam ($66,000 GTD)


A guaranteed prize pool is the minimum amount that shall be won, no matter how many players enter, so help us bump them up to make the prizes grow bigger and better.

Fist bump, belly bump, just make sure you help bump it up and make the guarantees soar at WPT Global.