WPT® Global’s cash game High Hand Jackpots

Big hands deserve big rewards and that’s exactly what you’ll get thanks to WPT® Global’s cash game High Hand Jackpots.

There are few worse feelings in poker than making a monster hand, only to miss out on getting paid off, but with High Hand Jackpots running at our NLHE tables, a big win is guaranteed every time you make Quads or better.

Each NLHE cash game buy-in level has its own High Hand Jackpot prize pool, and the stronger your hand, the bigger your bonus payout.

Make 4-of-a-kind and you’ll get 2% of the Jackpot added to whatever you win in the hand. A Straight Flush gets you 10% of the appropriate Jackpot prize pool, while making the best hand in poker, a Royal Flush, sees you scoop 20% of the High Hand Jackpot.

Remember, you must use both hole cards to qualify, and the hand must go to showdown. Should your hand be good enough to trigger the bonus, with Quads, a Straight Flush or a Royal flush, the Jackpot will automatically drop and you’ll receive your extra winnings into your account.

As the full jackpot is never won, there’s always some money in the pot, with 1bb being added every time a player wins 20bb or more in a hand.

Jump in the WPT® Global cash games now for your chance to win the High Hand Jackpot. And the best bit is, there’s no limit to how many times you can win the bonus payout, meaning your potential extra winnings are limitless!