Flip Your Way to the WPT World Championship in Las Vegas

To celebrate the launch of Poker Flips we are excited to announce our Poker Flips promotional leaderboard

Here's how it works:

If you win a bet on poker flips, you win points on the leaderboard, its that simple. For every dollar that is won on poker flips you will win the number of points shown below:

Bet FieldPoint Multiplier on winning bets
Cowboy or Bull1x
Anyones Hand5x
High Card / One Pair1.5x
Two Pair2x
Trips, Straight, Flush4x
Full House15x
Quads, Straight Flush, Royal Flush100x


On top of that we have added some player journeys to reward you for playing Poker Flips for playing consecutive days shown below:

Activity BonusPoints
Play 3 days in a row50 pts
Play 5 days in a row200 pts
Play 7 days in a row400 pts

And what about the prizes?

Well, there are weekly and monthly prizes to the players who amass the largest point totals weekly and monthly.

Monthly Prizes:

PlaceMonthly Prize
11 WPT World Championship Package (12,400 Value)
21 WPT World Championship Package (12,400 Value)
31 WPT World Championship Package (12,400 Value)
41 WPT World Championship Package (12,400 Value)
51 WPT World Championship Package (12,400 Value)


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