Earn Up To $10,000 Per Friend Invited

It’s easy to invite your friends to WPT Global, and if they join us, you both get rewarded!

Your friend gets a welcome bonus of 100% of their first deposit up to $1,200 - perhaps the most generous welcome bonus around - and you get a commission - a 50% share of their rake, for three months capped at $10,000.

How Do I Invite a Friend?


  1. Visit ‘Invite’ in the navigation bar of the poker software. (On mobile, it’s at the bottom; on desktop it’s on the left).
  2. Tap the ‘Invite Friends’ button. You can refer friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, or by sharing a link.
  3. Click the appropriate button to generate a unique link. Your friend must use this link when they register, so that we can associate them with you.
  4. As soon as your friend starts to play, you start to earn!


How Do I Collect My Commission?

Return to the ‘Invite’ page of the poker software to monitor your commission, and watch as it grows while your friends play poker!

To redeem your commission and release it to your poker account balance, click the ‘Redeem Now’ button.


Poker Promotion

WPT Global enhances the online poker experience with our "Invite a Friend" promotion, encouraging players to enjoy online poker games with us. 

Poker Bonus

The best poker promotions &; poker bonuses with online real money poker games with the best online poker rakeback  promo invite a friend first match bonus offer. The refer a friend bonus may refer to:

Bonus Funds: Both the referring player and the referred friend may receive bonus funds added to their accounts once the referral conditions are met. These funds can often be used to play poker games on the platform.

Free Tournament Entries: Instead of or in addition to bonus funds, players may receive free entries into poker tournaments as part of the referral bonus.

Player Points or Loyalty Rewards: Some platforms may offer player points or loyalty rewards as part of their refer a friend program. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for various rewards or used to enter special tournaments.

Special Rewards for High-Value Referrals: In some cases, players may receive additional rewards if they refer a friend who becomes a high-value player, meaning they deposit a large amount of money or generate significant rake (the fee charged by the poker room for hosting games).

Online Real Money Poker Games

This initiative is part of WPT's broader online poker promotions, offering generous online poker bonuses. Renowned for its best poker software, WPT Global provides a seamless platform to play poker online, including live poker tournaments and cash games.

This promotion underscores WPT's commitment to community building within the online poker realm, making it a top choice for players seeking the best poker app with the best poker bonuses. For more details, visit our promotions page.