We’re giving out poker passports every weekend for you to travel around the globe and play in World Poker Tour live tournaments. Score your own WPT Prime Passport in any of our $110 Passport Qualifiers and choose where in the world you want to play.

There are $110 Passport Qualifiers every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. ET and every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. ET. Win and earn a $1,500 USD total WPT Prime Passport to be used at the live event of your choice. The next WPT Prime stops include:

  • WPT Prime Montreal, Canada, May 12-17, 2024
  • WPT Prime Sanremo, Casino di San Remo, Italy - June 6 - 10, 2024
  • WPT Prime Liechtenstein Championship, Sept 26-30, 2024
  • And watch for many more WPT live events


Download WPT Global today and check the lobby to see when smaller buy-in Satellites - starting as low as $5 - are running where you can earn a $110 Passport ticket. Satellites run throughout each day during this promotion.

You can win more than one Passport, but you MUST travel and play your first one. Additional Passports won can be used yourself to go to more WPT Prime live tournaments or exchanged for WPT Global online tournament tickets of your choice.

Check out all the cities and countries the World Poker Tour heads to in 2023, jump in to any of our Satellites and Qualifiers and win your seat in an upcoming WPT live tournament.



Online Poker Promotions: Prime Passport Qualifiers

The WPT Global platform introduces the "WPT Prime Passport Qualifiers," offering players a chance to engage in high-stakes online poker games.

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