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1 WPT World Championship Package


1 WPT World Championship Package









Online Poker Promotions: 2-100 Hands to Vegas

The "Week 2: 100 Hands to Vegas" promotion on WPT Global is an exciting continuation for players seeking the thrill of online poker.

This week ramps up the action with more chances for players to secure exclusive poker deals. The promotion is designed to cater to all levels of players, from beginners looking for online poker 101 experience to seasoned players eager to leverage their skills in live poker online environments.

With top-notch online poker software, engaging poker promos online, and a variety of online poker games, WPT Global promises to deliver an unparalleled poker experience.

Best Poker Bonuses

You like poker bonuses? Freerolls are poker tournaments that do not require an entry fee to participate. They often offer cash prizes or tickets to other tournaments as rewards. Freerolls are a popular form of bonus as they allow players to compete for prizes without any upfront cost.

Poker Rakeback

In poker, a "rakeback" is a partial refund of the rake (the fee charged by the poker room for hosting games) that a player pays while playing poker. Rakeback is typically offered to players as an incentive to encourage them to continue playing on a particular poker platform.

For detailed information on participation and to make the most of the online poker bonus and promo deals, check out our promotions page.