A5 Labs

An online poker operator is only as good as their game integrity. While we are driven to facilitate fun and exciting poker games on WPT Global, we recognise that in order for our games to remain enjoyable they must first be safe.

WPT Global’s technology supplier is A5 Labs, a company born from the frustration at the poker industry’s attitude towards game integrity and eliminating cheating.

A5 was formed by a group of successful business people who were also passionate poker players. Having been cheated at an online poker site and receiving little support, they investigated and produced a mountain of evidence against the person who cheated them. Frustrated at how the site handled the matter, they founded A5 Labs to create the safest online poker software, with the best technology.

Our platform is grounded in artificial Intelligence (AI), utilising the latest technology to make our games not only safe but fair. AI has certainly become the modern standard for practically every industry, but what is a recent resource to most has been at the centre of A5 for years.

For nearly a decade, A5 has made it its mission to study and harness the abilities of AI to improve the security of online poker. Well ahead of technological staples only now being adopted by the masses, A5 is helping use years of knowledge to combat modern issues facing online poker.

Game Integrity

Game integrity has never been a bigger issue in online poker. In 2024 alone we have seen two major sites in the online arena fall victim to bot rings and compromised poker games. Such instances of cheating impact the entirety of the online poker community, and should serve as a wakeup call to all operators that they should be taking game integrity seriously.

While the facilitation of secure games falls on us as operators, players also have the responsibility of uplifting sites who properly protect them by giving them their business. If the majority of online poker players elected to solely play on secure poker sites, in turn all sites would be forced to take their security to the next level.

We cannot force players to choose our site, but we can provide them an alternative that they can trust.

Creating and maintaining safe poker games for players starts with using the best technology available to combat cheating. A5 Labs’ AI system, AceGuardian, detects and prevents all forms of cheating, including the use of bots, real time assistance, and prohibited software. Any form of collusion is easily detected by AceGuardian, keeping our games uncompromised and safe for our players.

Using the best AI available plays a major role in preventing cheating, but any system is only as good as the team behind it. With 50+ team members working solely on network-level game integrity issues, AceGuardian is continuously updated to maintain its effectiveness. 

There will always be bad-faith entities determined to bend the rules, but with our team and the use of AI we will do our part in keeping said rules intact.

Players can also do their part in combating cheaters by taking part in WPT Global’s Rewarding Integrity in Poker (RIP) program. Through our RIP program, players receive financial compensation by reporting instances of cheating to our team. If you provide us a tip that results in the identification and correction of unfair activities, we will reward you generously.

Making substantial money while helping keep online poker safe is truly a win-win for all.

Fair Game

Our Smart Ecology Management system, FairGame, uses AI to accurately predict the win rates of cash game players within a relatively small sample of hands. Using this information, FairGame purposefully designates cash game seats for both recreational and pro players to ensure games remain balanced. This allows us to maintain enjoyable games for recreational players while not punishing winning players who elsewhere may face reduced rewards and bans. 

Balanced cash games not only benefit players, who all have a better chance of winning, but also us as the operator with better retention rates and higher lifetime value. Our goal is to make online poker fun for all players, which we accomplish thanks in part to FairGame and our hardworking team.

At the end of the day, it is up to poker players to decide where they ultimately want to play. As operators, all we can do is provide an alternative that is secure, trustworthy, and takes the safety of its players seriously. That said, we will never cease encouraging poker players to realise the power they have. Every time you decide to play on a site that champions security over profit, recognise the positive impact that has on the future of online poker.