Customer Experience

Our aim at WPT® Global is to make every customer feel special. Every interaction is an opportunity for us to surprise and delight our customers, to make them feel valued and give them reason to want to continue playing with us.

When online poker first launched in the late 1990’s, most poker sites were run by poker aficionados. Company leadership was part of the poker community themselves and felt a responsibility towards the game and it’s long-term success.

Sadly, over the years, as the industry matured, operators consolidated , and the old leadership was replaced, operators realised that they could increase profits by dropping their standards.

Fewer people were hired. Customers waited a little longer for an answer. But profits went up!

Loyalty programs were cut. Rakeback was dropped. But again, profits went up. At least for a while.

Fortunately, WPT® Global’s team is made up of industry veterans and poker fans who want to do the right thing and pride themselves on treating customers fairly and correctly.

WPT® Global President Alex Scott brings with him almost 20 years of experience in the poker industry. He’s worked for the big established companies, has seen how well things can be done, and how that has become less and less of a priority as the online poker industry matured.

Now, he wants to bring back empathy, respect, trust, transparency and good treatment. If you have a problem, expect it to be dealt with quickly and efficiently by someone who understands what’s going on.

Just by putting it out there that this is a company aim, Alex is asking for customers to hold him and everyone who works at WPT® Global to account.

If you have a bad experience, have something you’re not happy with or feel like WPT® Global is talking a good game but not actually doing as we say, then as well as 24/7 Customer Service, you have a direct line to Alex on X, @alexscott72o, where the company President reads and responds to all feedback and queries.

If an incident happens, we deal with it fast and fairly. If you get disconnected, we don’t ask you to spend hours gathering evidence, we believe you and compensate. If you win a ticket to play live but real life gets in the way, we’ll change it to a tournament you can make.

As poker players - and many who work at WPT® Global fall into this bracket and bring years of experience of how badly other companies treat customers - we have become used to a subpar customer experience. Not any more - we are fighting back!

We want to impress customers and make them feel special, not make them dread having to get in touch to try and get a fair resolution. We want customers who tell their friends and fellow players how well they were treated, how being a customer of WPT® Global is a pleasure, how valued they feel.

This isn’t just hyperbole while at the same time the money men behind the scenes are cutting corners. WPT® Global has spotted an opportunity to be different to the other big players in the online poker industry, and that’s nothing but good news for you.