[Your Name] Deepstack Tournament

Ever wanted your own tournament on your favorite online poker site? Well now it can happen! Play in the daily $5.50 [Your Name] Deepstack tournament on WPT Global and if you win it twice within 30 days, it will be renamed after you!

The tournament runs nightly at 10:45 PM UTC with a $500 guarantee.

Join now, win it twice within 30 days and enjoy up to a month with your own tournament on WPT Global!



Online Poker Tournament

Own your own online poker tournament with live cash money poker tournaments through WPT Global! Play in the daily $5.50 online tournament and have it renamed after you!

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Live Cash Money Poker Tournament

Do you know what a Satellite is in poker? A single or multi-table tournament that has as prizes tickets to a larger tournament (goal tournament or next step satellite).

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