$100,000 Jackpot Goes to Triple Crown Winner

How do you turn $441 on WPT Global into $100,000 in less than a month?
If you are Bebeto42, you win all three of the Sunday Major tournaments, collecting the first-ever Triple Crown Jackpot of $100,000.

How did Bebeto42 do it? 

  • Winner of $11 Mini Slam for $2,309
  • Winner of $110 Sunday Slam for $9,700
  • Winner of $330 Super Slam for $6,795


Bebeto42 started his winning streak by taking down the Super Slam, and followed that by winning the Mini Slam. With two victories under his belt - and only a Sunday Slam away from claiming the Triple Crown - he came through with his third Sunday Major win in early June .. on his final chance to win the jackpot!

He not only won all three tournaments for a total of $18,804, Bebeto42 now has a six-figure bonus of $100,000 added to his WPT Global account as the first Triple Crown Champion.

What are the Sunday Majors?

There are three Majors every Sunday on WPT Global, featuring different buy-ins so there’s something for everyone.

  • The $50,000 Guarantee Sunday Slam is a $110 entry, starting at 13:00 CET.
  • The $20,000 Guarantee Grand Slam is a $330 entry, starting at 13:10 CET.
  • The $8,888 Guarantee Mini Slam is an $11 entry, starting at 13:20 CET.

You Can Be Next

Become the next WPT Global Triple Crown Champion - and earn the $100,000 Jackpot - by winning all three Sunday Majors within 22 days. Play this Sunday, add up the wins, and make your way to being the next $100,000 winner.