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Get in the Action with our Sportsbook

Bet on Sports at WPT Global

Your favorite home for online poker is now your one-stop-shop for getting in all the sports action with the WPT® Global Sportsbook.

Whatever sport is your passion, we connect you with betting odds to put you in play, right from the platform you already play online poker from.

Are you a Premier League Fan? Looking for baseball leagues worldwide, from Cuba to Japan to the US? Maybe it is a specific player you follow, or perhaps you are looking for the best matchups no matter the sport. 

We have you covered, just click on the Sportsbook icon in our App and find your best odds on the events you want to be involved with - or download WPT Global today, make your first deposit and get in the game.


Our team works hard to provide Sportsbook fans many different fun and exciting ways to get in on the action. During premier athletic contests around the globe, we feature thrilling competitions giving players the chance to prove their sports knowledge and acumen. 

During the 2024 COPA America, for example, our Sportsbook features a free-to-play COPA America Match Predictor Game rewarding the best performing players with cash prizes plus a jackpot worth $100,000. Be on the lookout for when the WPT Global Sportsbook features more exciting competition for you.

Whether you prefer grinding at the cash game online poker tables, spinning slots, or value-betting action in the Sportsbook, we work hard to ensure all of our players experience value you can feel in your bankrolls.

You earn cash rewards, free casino spins, tournament tickets to play online poker, and Global Spins just by placing your sports bets with our all-new WPT Global Sportsbook.

As the online home of the World Poker Tour, it is our mission to not only provide poker games and tournaments that live up to their legacy, but an overall product as well. Sportsbetting has quickly become one of the biggest and most thriving industries around the world, and we are ecstatic to have our own presence in the field while providing a fulfilling experience to players.

Bet on Sports Today 

Now you can bet on the sports at WPT Global with the online sportsbook for football/soccer, hockey, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball along with live betting odds and sport betting promotions.

Watch the games live, or follow the action on television or online -  then cheer on your choices and collect on your successful Sportsbook wagers. Now, take those winnings and find your next Sportsbook action, click over to Poker and find a cash game or tournament to spin it up, or over to our Casino and give the reels a spin.