Blouet Blasts Up WPT World Championship Counts

Raphael Blouet holds close to $50,000 in career live earnings, so wherever he ends up finishing in the WPT World Championship and Wynn Las Vegas, it is going to be a great addition to that total. 

Blouet was here one year ago and cashed in 229th place for a score worth $20,700. That experience is helping him make even more money this time around at the Wynn. 

We caught up with the French poker player - who specializes in playing poker online - earlier in the tournament, and here is what he had to say about his experience in Las Vegas.

WPT Global: How has it been for you to be back at the Wynn after last year's cash in the WPT World Championship?

Blouet: Last year I came here and I loved it. So I decided to come back and got my ticket online.

WPTG: How does that experience from last year help you today as you make a deep run?

Blouet: I made a big mistake last year when I had a huge stack, so that's definitely something I don't want to do again. 

WPTG: You have a big stack again here. What's your mindset trying to use that stack to your advantage?

Blouet: I'm just focusing on my strategy, but not being overconfident because of the stack. I'm just enjoying the tournament, everything is great. Everything is perfectly organized, so I love it.   

WPTG: That leads right into the next question I wanted to ask you. What keeps bringing you back here to the WPT Championship at the Wynn?

Blouet: I play mostly online, so when I go somewhere to play live I want it to be as nice as possible. In Europe I go to Cyprus, and when I go to Vegas, I prefer coming in December as opposed to the summer. I just pick spots where I feel the most comfortable, and have the most fun.

WPTG: Since you play primarily online, how are you trying to adjust to such a large live field in the Championship?

Blouet: As much as I can, but I guess I make many live mistakes. But you know, it's okay, I try my best.

WPTG: You're well into the money at this point - now guaranteed a six-figure cash - so do you have any plans to celebrate after you keep advancing deeper and deeper into the money?

Blouet: We've been trying most of the nice restaurants in Las Vegas, so I think we will just keep doing that. It's really amazing.