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Campero Turns WPT Global Freeroll into WPT World Championship Cash

Andres Campero is from Mexico City, which has become a hot market for WPT Global; so it comes as no surprise that he won his seat in the WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas via a WPTG qualifier tournament. 

His career earnings are in the tens of thousands, so a cash here is definitely adding a nice chunk of change to his total winnings. He comes in to Day 3 of the World Championship with more than 2 million chips.

His largest previous score came at a World Series of Poker Circuit Chicago event earlier this year that was good for $23,757. Campero spoke with us during a break in play before the money bubble popped to share his thoughts from this trip to Las Vegas. 

Andres Campero

WPT Global Qualifier at the 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas

WPT Global: Tell us about that last level you just played. We saw you in a lot of big pots. How do you keep your composure when you're getting that much action all together?

Campero: I have worked on it, and I was very deliberately telling myself to keep my composure. On the hands where I was beaten I still got the lead. It's easier to keep composure when you're running well.   

WPTG: How did you get your ticket to this event through WPT Global?

Campero: I played several bullets, there was a promotion from one of the ambassadors for the WPT so I played six or seven times in the $1k tournament. The one ticket I did get was awesome because it was a freeroll. It was a promo called the scavenger hunt so you had to do different things. And when you did them you would get entry into the freeroll. In that freeroll I won a $55 ticket, and in that one I won a $220 ticket, and in that one I won it, and only one player won so it was pretty good.

WPTG: Would you ever imagine that you would be sitting here on Day 2 with a huge chip stack after all of that?

Campero: I was hoping for it. I'm using my once-in-a-lifetime tournament rungood, because I'm quitting after this tournament if I do good.

WPTG: What would a deep run mean to you in this tournament?

Campero: It would be really amazing. I would have to run really lucky, but it would be incredible. Life-changing of course. 

WPTG: How do you keep your focus playing in a long tournament like this.

Campero: I've never played in a tournament this long. I just focus on it every day.

WPTG: WPT Global has been really catching on in Mexico as of late. Have you noticed that growth among your community of local poker players back home?

Campero: You guys have made a deliberate effort to generate that to get them into WPT Global. You organized a big WPT tournament earlier this year.

WPTG: You played a big hand with A-2 heading into the break, and hit a deuce on the turn for a set. What were you thinking there as you put a lot of thought into that decision?

Campero: Well, I always try to put the same amount of thought into all of my decisions. I was small [blind] against big [blind] and I had A-2 suited. I think the GTO play was to check and then jam for 30 bigs. Especially since we were close to the bubble, so I figured that's what I wanted to do. He checked, I jammed, he called with kings, and I had A-2 suited. That's why it's a good hand, because I have equity even if he has two kings. And I did hit two twos so it was great.

WPTG: How has your tournament experience been here at the Wynn?

Campero: It's really awesome. The Wynn, the tournament, the dealers, even the bathrooms, everything is just amazing and I'm really happy, really high quality.

WPTG: Would you recommend other people do what you did, and go to WPT Global to win their way into bigger events with a lot of money on the line?

Campero: It was a great opportunity, a lot of the tournaments had overlays with the promos that you had. I basically had to grind a lot, and I think it's plus EV to do that. And much better than playing other tournaments on other platforms.

WPTG: So what is your plan to try and make it into the money and retire on top?

Campero: I have the chip-leader stack at this table, so I think it's a good place to be obviously this close to the bubble. I can open up my opening range, and after that just play well and try my best.