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Mobile Lobby Improvements Get You In The Game Quicker

Get in the action quicker on your mobile device thanks to the latest WPT® Global software update (1.7.0).

As well as being easier on the eye, the new mobile lobby introduces Group View to Cash Games, allowing players to find a table and get in a game at their desired stakes quicker.

WPT Global’s cash games are among the juiciest around. FairGame, our Smart Ecology Management system, is driven by AI, profiling each player.

This process reserves a number of seats at each table for casual players (typically 6 of the 8 seats), with everyone, including highly-skilled professional players, welcome to take the remaining spots at the table.

FairGame allows everyone a better chance to win, thanks to the balance of pros to casual players. Now with the mobile lobby improvements, you can jump in these juicy games even quicker.

Tournament players have not been forgotten about in this latest software release, with the mobile lobby’s new look allowing users to easily pinpoint the best MTT for them to play. 

We’ve also added a pause at the end of tournament registration periods, allowing an opportunity to re-enter for those players who bust on the last registration hand. It is no fun being knocked out on the last hand before registration ends, but now you can get back in the action right away!


Like all poker sites, we’ll experience downtime on occasions. While we endeavour to keep those times few and far between, our latest update includes a countdown to resumption, allowing players to prepare for the tournament’s restart.

Our latest software update also includes improvements to the WPT Global Casino.


Our wildly popular poker-based Casino game Poker Master is now available in Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese languages, meaning even more players can enjoy the battle between Master and Shark!

Who will win, and with what hand? Predict the outcome and enjoy the Poker Master action.