New Lobby and More With Latest WPT Global Update

Jump in the loosest cash games more easily with the latest WPT® Global software update (1.6.8).

The cleaner lobby look is just one of a number of enhancements and bug fixes to streamline and elevate your online poker experience, while boosting stability.

Enhancements and Upgrades

  • Enhanced Lobby Visibility: We’ve tidied and reorganised the lobby to make sure players can spot the ‘Loose’ cash games more easily. Find them above the regular cash games and just below the ‘Pace’ games.




  • MTT Lobby View Optimisation: We’ve cleaned the MTT view so the default is now to not display ‘Running’ events. Players can now see what’s upcoming or available to register and get straight in the action. 




  • MTT Auto Feed Feature: Players can no longer unregister a tournament they have been auto-registered for.
  • Global Spins Sounds: We’ve added sounds to Global Spins, meaning you now get notified when the action is on you, making for a better and smoother playing experience.


Bug Fixes

  • Global Spins Fixes: We’ve made several improvements within Global Spins, fixing bugs to make the player experience better. After feedback, the timebank placement has been adjusted to a more user friendly position. MTT Ticket Payout display issues and the 'Auto Feed' button now correctly displayed across all languages are also among the fixes. 


  • MTT Fixes: MTT Ticket Payout display issues resolved and the 'Auto Feed' button now correctly displayed. Tournament title text can no longer overlap players seating positions.
  • Client Gameplay Improvements: We’ve resolved various gameplay issues and eradicated small bugs to ensure a smoother playing experience.


Casino Improvements

  • New Loading Screen: Improved user experience for Casino players waiting for games to load.




  • Favourites Widget: Jump into favourite games quicker with Favourites.
  • Expanded Casino Coin Offering: Ability to use Casino Coin on external slots, as well as Poker Flips and Poker Master.
  • Poker Flips/Master Improvements: Various fixes to improve gameplay in our poker-themed Casino games.