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Xuan Liu’s Play Poker Across Canada Adventure

Canadian poker pro Xuan Liu is currently in a poker race ALL the way across Canada - a one-month adventure to play live in each of the 10 provinces. She can win $50,000 for herself and give away a WPT® World Championship $12,400 Passport if she succeeds!

Her challenge is to go East to West by 7 December, using a starting budget of $1,000 for cash-game play and $1,000 to play on WPT® Global. She’s playing both in home games and card rooms in each province and also playing on WPT Global during her Canadian adventure.

Part of the adventure is paying all her expenses - hotel, transportation and food - from the starting budget and her winnings, as she moves from home game to poker room, city to city, province to province from PEI to BC.The adventure is as big as Canada itself - the Trans-Canada Highway is more than 7,400 km, one of the longest routes of its type in the entire world! Xuan is posting regular updates on both Instagram and Twitter.

Watch Xuan’s very-popular YouTube channel for even more content about her adventure, and all of her poker activity  - and you’ll find regular updates here as well on her journey.

Xuan’s Canada Adventure began earlier this month, and has already taken her criss-crossing the country. Earlier this week, she notes she “Touched foot in PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Calgary,” in just 18 hours!!!


She’s played in poker rooms at locations such as Casino New BrunswickCasino Niagara in Ontario, Deerfoot Casino’s poker room in Calgary, and, well, a pub freezeout tourney and even, as she described, “$1/$2 in a barn,'' for a home-game visit.

A few days into her adventure, Xuan found last-minute flights to move about Canada - and get her to the next cash game - are far more expensive than anticipated. The challenge is definitely ON for her to succeed and make it all the way to Las Vegas in time to collect her winnings and award a World Championship seat!!

On 16 November, she noted via social media that her live bankroll hit zero due to a combination of high expenses and her cash-game run not being great. Xuan noted she’s now dipping into her online bankroll to cover expenses and to continue the adventure to reach her challenge goals!