yifors Wins WPT500 Spring Festival on WPT Global

yifors topped the field in the WPT500 Spring Festival $530 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event held online at WPT Global, taking home the top prize of $23,476 after outlasting the final 40 players who returned for Day 2 of the event on May 28.

The May 24-28 tournament with multiple online starting flights - part of the 2023 WPT Global Spring Festival - drew a 205-entry field, the players creating a prize pool valued at $104,550, paying the final 32 participants.
It didn’t take long for the money bubble to burst, after just 45 minutes of Day 2 play, the top 32 players all guaranteed at least $721.05 in prize money. yifors was already top three in chips by the time the money bubble popped - with a 346,000 stack to work with - according to the updates from Molly Anne Mossey for the World Poker Tour.


yifors remained in the top five players while on his path to the final table, and then scored the knockout of Pollozayas in ninth place on the final table bubble. yifors’ pocket deuces held to top the Kc 2s of Pollozayas, moving yifors to 713,028 in chips.

Final Table Action

yifors kept his momentum rolling by taking out TForce15 in eighth place ($2,633) when Qh 9h topped 8h 6h on a board that ran out Ad 6s 6c 8d Kd. That elimination pushed yifors to 926,072 in chips, the player’s chip stack increasing to 1,096,702 by the first break, leaving the player in clear control with seven players left in the tournament.

陶雲 (Tao Yun) was sent home in seventh place ($3,584) by Banjaxed when pocket queens held against pocket fours - after the two players got the stacks all-in preflop. sersuperior then took out 谁来neng死我 in sixth place ($4,880)) when Jh 9h chased down pocket tens, thanks to a Jack coming on the river.

That knockout punch put sersuperior up to a 1.1 million stack, but yifors kept pace out front after taking out craimeariver in fifth place ($6,448), stacking up to 1,793,437 thanks to pocket aces holding against pocket sevens.

yifors kept the run going with Ah Qh dominating the Ad Jc of sersurvivor that led to an exit in fifth place ($6,448). yifors was up to 2,762,748 after the hand. Banjaxed was taken out in third place ($11,198) by 而奋斗擦嗄 (while struggling) when Qd 10d was behind As 8h on a board that bricked out after the two players got all of the chips into the middle preflop.


That third-place elimination gave 而奋斗擦嗄 close to 1.3 million for the heads-up final, but yifors had well over twice as many chips for the final match. The last hand came just 15 minutes later.

Both players got their chips into the middle on a board reading 8d 4d 4h Kd -x, and the river did not matter when yifors flipped over Ks Kc for a full house that topped the Qd 7d of 而奋斗擦嗄 who made a flush. The runner-up was awarded $15,444 thanks to the deep run in the tournament.


Here's the Official Tournament Results:

1. yifors - $23,476

2. 而奋斗擦嗄 - $15,444

3. Banjaxed - $11,198

4. sersuperior - $8,224

5. craimeariver - $6,448

6. 谁来neng死我 - $4,880

7. 陶雲 - $3,584

8. TForce15 - $2,633

9. pollozayas - $2,184

10. 时空画了梵 - $1,829

11. 睥睨畅想 - $1,829

12. Malafuma - $1,599

13. JKerstetter - $1,599

14. Snelly - $1,442

15. Equanimous19 - $1,442

16. santigoal - $1,285

17. StreetPkrPlr - $1,285

18. vlad604 - $1,129

19. Moneytrees - $1,129

20. 罗迪克迪v - $1,129

21. WPT主赛拿下 - $1,024

22. RoyceJoyce - $1,024

23. KoalaBear1 - $1,024

24. 香香520 - $920

25. 泡芙渡劫 - $920

26. Savcha - $920

27. XXLiu - $920

28. 不会玩6666 - $815

29. 海鳗m - $815

30. ZenChuan - $815

31. kokopuff - $815

32. 一举风荷 - $721