Jiang Plays WPT High Stakes Cash Game and Cashes in World Championship

Sosia Jiang can most often be found playing poker tournaments in New Zealand, but she made the trip to Las Vegas after winning a seat in the WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas thanks to a WPT Global Qualifier. 

She holds over $2.9 million in career earnings thanks to multiple six-figure cashes. She has four tournament victories on her resume, and her deepest run at a WPT event came at the WPTDeepStacks New Zealand main event back in 2018 when she finished in third place. 

On a day off from tournament play here, she participated in the WPT High Stakes $300/$600 Cash Game stream.

We chatted with Jiang before the start of play on Day 3 here at the Wynn to get a read on her strategy as she attempted a deep run into the money yet again. 

WPT High Stakes Cash Game

WPT Global qualifier Sosia Jiang earned a cash in the 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas - and also played in the $300/$600 WPT High Stakes Cash Game marking the return to the felt of Garrett Adelstein.

WPT Global: How does it feel to make Day 3 in this massive WPT Championship event?

Jiang: I mean, to cash anything and still have a chance is always a great feeling.

WPTG: Do you have a certain mindset to run your stack up and advance deeper into the money?

Jiang: I never have a set plan. I have a medium-ish stack, so it's really just doing my best, and seeing what I can do with it, and trying not to bust pretty much.

WPTG: How did you win your seat in the tournament through WPT Global?

Jiang: I saw that they were on, and there was one Sunday when I was playing anyway, so I just hopped into the satellite. I did try a couple of times, but then I won. I knew I was going to be here anyway, but obviously winning a package is just a real sweetener as well, absolutely.

WPTG: You've made a deep run at a WPT event at WPDeepStacks New Zealand before to third place. How does that experience help you as you make another deep run here?

Jiang: Navigating your way through large-field tournaments is always very tricky given how diverse the players are on your table. We don't get to do it very often, so the few times that we do all that experience certainly helps and adds up.

WPTG: You mentioned the diversity of players from all over the world in the tournament, and I've noticed it too as I've interviewed players from Europe, Mexico, China, and now with you from New Zealand. Is it fun to have a variety of people in the tournament?

Jiang: At the start of the day yesterday, on an eight-handed table, everyone was from a different country, and no one was from the USA. It was an amazing experience.